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Refereals and Rewards

CES operates a generous and popular referral scheme - up to £1000 per referral.

refferals and rewards


None of us at CES pretends to know the pressures and responsibilities of working within healthcare environments where stress, high expectations and budgetary restraints are ever-present. However, we can help you as a client by rendering you a great service - whatever your needs - that relieves you of some of your burdens.


This is a competitive sector, one where our work is high-risk, labour-intensive and expensive to payroll. CES can only generate profits that justify its commercial existence because it generates large volumes of business on narrow margins. Throughout the economic crisis CES has priced its services in a way which reflects our absolute willingness to share the pain that public sector healthcare providers have felt. This has enabled NHS trusts to stretch their budgets without cutting corners in respect of the skills they need. It’s helped private sector clients too, not least because this is an era when everybody’s looking to reduce costs whilst they also secure value-adding benefits. We find that this willingness on our part to oblige is thoroughly appreciated by the clients who secure and retain our services.

In summary we can supply medical professionals of all grades and specialties to primary and secondary care service providers like you, in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and overseas, and on temporary or permanent basis. So, for more details, or just to tell us what you need, you ought to contact us

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