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Refereals and Rewards

CES operates a generous and popular referral scheme - up to £1000 per referral.

refferals and rewards


Flitting around as a locum might not appeal, and you may have a lengthy wish-list in respect of what you can offer – and what you need in return. Whether you’re a GP or Hospital Doctor, you may feel the urge to seek pastures new and the critical experience that carries so much weight in the medical profession. If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place!

Somebody out there needs you. An employer would give their right arm to have you. Yet you’d probably never find each other – without CES. 

Obviously this is where the ability to match candidates with employers involves all sorts of hard and soft skills. CES employs state-of-the-art technologies to make initial matches employing cold data, but ultimately an ideal enduring match that pleases all concerned is also going to involve sensitivities and the sometimes-unspoken intimations that will only be picked up by enlightened people managers – adept recruiters who work with people day in and day out, who will remember conversations and use what they have been interested enough to pick up from them in an intelligent way.

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